What If Something My Young Child Needs Breaks!?

Parenting is a fulltime job. Actually, no, it’s more than a fulltime job, it’s a lifestyle. We as parents chose this lifestyle, we chose to bring in a new life into our lives. It’s our responsibility and no one else’s to look after our baby. We need to have the mindset of being in an emergency or some kind of natural disaster whereby you, your partner and your children are alone. What would you do if something you or they needed broke? What if you cannot call your parents for help, nor your friends either? You can’t beg or borrow things from other people that are essential to the wellbeing of your baby. So we need to be more prepared for when things break in the household, especially when they concern the health and living standard of your baby.


Feeding and milk

Feeding regularly is absolutely vital to the health of a newborn baby. Many mothers won’t use plastic bottles because the fear of toxins in the bottle leaking into the milk is present. This means that many parents store milk for their baby in the fridge, kept inside glass bottles. Although this makes sense, inevitably one or two will break. The hectic lifestyle of getting up in the middle of the night to feed, then once before you make breakfast, then again before naptime, and so on, gets really tiring. Be ready to replace the bottle by buying back up bottles and keeping them in a cabinet safely. This way when one does break, you don’t have to miss the next feeding time.

Cot mishaps

Even if you bought your cot the baby sleeps in and didn’t fit it together yourself, there is a chance that it could one day break or malfunction. This is especially true for young toddlers that can stand on their own two feet and love to jump up and down inside the cot. Even though they aren’t heavy, jumping over and over can cause nuts and screws to sheer off or wood support beams to crack. When you have ordered a new bed or cot, you need quick service and turnaround time from your order to it being delivered to your door. If you can’t go and get the item you purchased yourself, select a courier service that has been rated by previous customers. Many services will compete against each other, and try to give you the best price they can. Read the reviews left behind before you make your choice.


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Managing pain

It doesn’t need to be explained why young bodies cannot take the same medicine as adults. But just how prepared are you for helping your child when they are feeling a chronic pain? It could be due to a physical injury or perhaps a migraine, how can you help them? What if the child medicine that comes in liquid form, stored in bottles break on the kitchen floor of your home?

Have in your storage, painkillers that have been approved for children. The liquids are for minor pains but tablets are for deeper agony.

They are rough and rowdy when they’re small. They don’t know their own strength which leads to things they need, breaking. As parents we need to act responsibly to anything our child needs no longer functioning; this means, preparing.



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