What No One Tells You About Laundry Care!

laundry care bossprincess101 clothes


Don’t you hate it when you are out with your friends and all of a sudden someone accidentally bumps into you, and your drink goes all over your shirt?

What are you suppose to do with those white socks that all of a sudden look yellow?

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…..WELL, I have some great tips to share with you to solve all of your problems!


laundry care bossprincess101 clothes


Spot Removal: Two parts water and one part rubbing alcohol are the basic ingredients in any commercial spot remover.
Clean Machine: Fill your washer with warm water and add a gallon of distilled vinegar. Run the machine through the entire cycle to unclog and clean soap scum from hoses.
Too Sudsy: When your washer overflows with too many studs, sprinkle salt in the water – the studs will disappear.
Hand-Washed Sweaters: Add a capful of hair cream rinse to the final rinse water when washing sweaters.
Whiter Fabric: Linen Or cotton can be whitened by boiling in a mixture or 1 part cream of tartar and 3 parts water.
Whitest Socks: Boil socks in water to which a lemon slice has been added.
Freshen Feather Pillows: Put feather pillows in the dryer and tumble, then air outside.
Lintless Corduroy: While corduroy is still damp, brush with clothes brush to remove all lint.
Ironing Tip: When pressing pants, iron the top part on the wrong side. Iron the legs on the right side. This gives the pockets and waistband a smooth look.

Laundry Today Or Naked Tomorrow! 🙂

Creaseless Garments: Take an empty cardboard paper towel, roll and cut through it lengthwise. Slip it over a wire hanger to prevent a crease from forming in the garment to be hung on the hanger.
Remove Creases From Hems: Sponge material with a white vinegar solution and press flat to remove creases in hems.
Bedroom Ironing: A good place to iron is in the bedroom. Closets are nearby to hang clothes up immediately, and the bed makes a good surface on which to fold clothes and separate items into piles.
Ironing Board Cover: When washing your ironing board cover, attach it to the board while it is still damp. When it dries, the surface will be completely smooth. Starch your ironing board cover … This helps the cover stay clean longer.
Lint Remover: Add a yard of nylon netting to your dryer with the wet clothes-it will catch most of the lint.
Washer Advice: Button all buttons on clothing and turn inside out before putting into the washer. Fewer buttons will fall off and garments will fade less if turned inside out.
Soiled Collars: Use a small paintbrush and brush hair shampoo into soiled shirt collards before laundering. The shampoo is made to dissolve body oils.
Faster Ironing: Place a strip of heavy-duty aluminum foil over the entire length of the ironing board and cover with pad. As you iron, heat will reflect through the underside of the garment.
Ironing Embroidery: Lay the embroidery piece upside-down on the Turkish towel before ironing. All the little spaces between the embroidery will be smooth when you are finished.

A few other helpful tips:
• use cold water because it helps preserve the fabric and the color of the fabric
• use laundry bags for delicates, items with zippers, strings, buttons, or any delicate detailing
• turn as many items as you can inside out
• have a dry erase marker on top of your dryer so you can write on the dryer if there are any items you don’t want to dry, it’s a GREAT reminder


Do you have any advice you could share with me? Let me know in the comments below!

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laundry care bossprincess101 clothes


  1. I’ll be honest, I am not a huge huge laundry person LOL. I feel like I have to be in the mood because if not, I just don’t finish. I like the cleaning the machine idea. Thanks.

  2. I need to keep these in mind. Some I already knew, but others I didn’t. I have ruined many clothes in the washing machine by accident. Oops!

  3. Oh my gosh, I don’t recall ever cleaning my machine. I have never thought about it to be honest. I’ve got to do better. I’m glad I found this post. There are several things I need to do.

  4. Thank you so much for this I completely admit I am awful at washing, I just throw it all in and hope for the best, so anything thing to help goes a long way.

  5. Thank you so much for this helpful article. My biggest struggle is washing sweaters. Despite using cold water and choosing a delicate cycle, they shrink… any tips?

  6. Thanks for this. I always like to read little life hacks like this. I will be using the Spot Removal and
    Clean Machine tips.

  7. I’ve been doing laundry ever since I got married and I must admit I only know the basic. Separate the whites from the colored ones. Throw in the washer and let it do it’s work. I didn’t know about these things especially how to deal with stains.

  8. These are some great laundry tips. I normally just do the usual stain busting and wash.

  9. Laundry bags for the win! I hate the snags you get from fasteners and velcro, so I have to put my delicates in a bag. Need to try the foil trick. That one is new to me.

  10. Wow! Need to know all of these in my mind. Well, my husband David knows these all for sure. This will be helpful, especially when we start living in a different country.

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