What No One Tells You About Laundry Care!

laundry care bossprincess101 clothes

laundry care bossprincess101 clothes


Don’t you hate it when you are out with your friends and all of a sudden someone accidentally bumps into you, and your drink goes all over your shirt?

What are you suppose to do with those white socks that all of a sudden look yellow?

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…..WELL, I have some great tips to share with you to solve all of your problems!


laundry care bossprincess101 clothes


Spot Removal: Two parts water and one part rubbing alcohol are the basic ingredients in any commercial spot remover.
Clean Machine: Fill your washer with warm water and add a gallon of distilled vinegar. Run the machine through the entire cycle to unclog and clean soap scum from hoses.
Too Sudsy: When your washer overflows with too many studs, sprinkle salt in the water – the studs will disappear.
Hand-Washed Sweaters: Add a capful of hair cream rinse to the final rinse water when washing sweaters.
Whiter Fabric: Linen Or cotton can be whitened by boiling in a mixture or 1 part cream of tartar and 3 parts water.
Whitest Socks: Boil socks in water to which a lemon slice has been added.
Freshen Feather Pillows: Put feather pillows in the dryer and tumble, then air outside.
Lintless Corduroy: While corduroy is still damp, brush with clothes brush to remove all lint.
Ironing Tip: When pressing pants, iron the top part on the wrong side. Iron the legs on the right side. This gives the pockets and waistband a smooth look.

Laundry Today Or Naked Tomorrow! 🙂

Creaseless Garments: Take an empty cardboard paper towel, roll and cut through it lengthwise. Slip it over a wire hanger to prevent a crease from forming in the garment to be hung on the hanger.
Remove Creases From Hems: Sponge material with a white vinegar solution and press flat to remove creases in hems.
Bedroom Ironing: A good place to iron is in the bedroom. Closets are nearby to hang clothes up immediately, and the bed makes a good surface on which to fold clothes and separate items into piles.
Ironing Board Cover: When washing your ironing board cover, attach it to the board while it is still damp. When it dries, the surface will be completely smooth. Starch your ironing board cover … This helps the cover stay clean longer.
Lint Remover: Add a yard of nylon netting to your dryer with the wet clothes-it will catch most of the lint.
Washer Advice: Button all buttons on clothing and turn inside out before putting into the washer. Fewer buttons will fall off and garments will fade less if turned inside out.
Soiled Collars: Use a small paintbrush and brush hair shampoo into soiled shirt collards before laundering. The shampoo is made to dissolve body oils.
Faster Ironing: Place a strip of heavy-duty aluminum foil over the entire length of the ironing board and cover with pad. As you iron, heat will reflect through the underside of the garment.
Ironing Embroidery: Lay the embroidery piece upside-down on the Turkish towel before ironing. All the little spaces between the embroidery will be smooth when you are finished.

A few other helpful tips:
• use cold water because it helps preserve the fabric and the color of the fabric
• use laundry bags for delicates, items with zippers, strings, buttons, or any delicate detailing
• turn as many items as you can inside out
• have a dry erase marker on top of your dryer so you can write on the dryer if there are any items you don’t want to dry, it’s a GREAT reminder


Do you have any advice you could share with me? Let me know in the comments below!

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laundry care bossprincess101 clothes

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