Main Present’ Gifts For Guys: What To Buy When Your Budget is Bigger

The feeling you get when you give someone a gift and they absolutely love it is like no other. As adults, we can appreciate that giving gifts is often just as good as receiving them, and there’s a real joy in choosing, buying and giving something to a person you care about as a token of appreciation or a way to mark a special occasion. However with that being said, it doesn’t mean that choosing gifts is always easy, and it tends to be men that are the most troublesome to buy for. If your budget is bigger and you’re looking to treat a man in your life, here are a few ideas.


Technology and Gadgets

We live in a very technological world, it’s an exciting time when new gadgets, software and other tech-based things are being constantly released. Tech and gadgets always make great gifts, it could be anything from a phone or tablet to a smart tv or a games console. If the guy you’re gifting to has recently bought a house or is into things for his home, how about smart home- this could be a voice-activated speaker, smart lighting or smart CCTV. If they’re into health and fitness or cooking, how about a kitchen gadget like a blender or juicer? Is the guy in your life really just a big kid? How about something like a segway hoverboard, remote controlled car or a hobby drone, these cool techy toys are plenty of fun and will definitely bring out his inner ten years old! There are lots of different routes you can go down here.


High-End Accessories

If you know the guy in your life really well (including his style and size) then you could purchase a piece of clothing- jeans or trousers, a shirt or t-shirt, shoes or a jacket are all options. It’s always best to keep the receipt if it does happen to not be quite right (clothing is such a personal choice) or the fit isn’t quite right then they’re able to exchange it. If you want to play it a little safer, luxury accessories work well. A leather belt or wallet, silver cufflinks, a designer tie or scarf could all fit the bill- sites like John Henric have items like this you can browse through.


Experience Gifts

If a material gift doesn’t quite fit the bill, then how about making some memories together instead? Tickets to a show, concert or sporting event that they’ve been wanting to go to would make an awesome gift. A meal at a fancy restaurant, a mini break or a vacation to a place they’ve been wanting to go to are options with a bigger budget. You could hire a luxury car for them to drive, go up in a hot air balloon together or even look into things like pilot lessons! There are so many options available so have a think about their hobbies and interests and pick something based on this.



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