Air Tracks Are The New Kinda Fun!

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Now you will never see me in a room full of people trying to do a cart-wheel. haha. Really though… But with air track, I am able to do this at home on my front lawn or even my pool! Yes, I said my pool!

I can already picture myself jumping everywhere on an inflatable air mat in a pool.

So let me tell you about air tracks!


I wanted to make sure I was getting myself to right air mat. So, of course, I did my research and that is when I found Whole Sale Air Track! Every interaction I have had with this company has been great! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into so they were really able to help me out!

I think this could be the perfect outdoor activity for a family that owns a garden, kids love jumping around even more than me! You can leave it up for parties and holds up nicely with 15 kids playing on it!
I think this is the perfect gift for kids actually because it also gives you the chance of having a lot of fun while exercising. I can’t wait for Maverik to enjoy it as much as I will!


Inflating and deflating the air track is super easy! So you are able to use this product in a lot of places! You could even rent it out to others!


What is the difference between an Air Track and the old tumbling tracks?

You do not need an expensive, big, noisy blower. A small hand- blower is enough to inflate even the biggest air tracks within 4 minutes. The new generation air tracks only have 60% of the weight in comparison to the old tumbling tracks.

wholesaleairtrack airmat gymnastics gymmat bossprincess101 gymnasticsonwater

Why is this company different?

This company is one of the largest suppliers in the world. They also have several years of experience in producing air track. So because so many people are trying to compete they tend to get a little sloppy and bring poor quality tracks that begin to break down with time. But Wholesaleairtrack has developed the best quality of air track and promises that each part keeps the best quality you need. With more years of experience, more years in the business, and hundreds of tests, you know they have been able to create an air track that will last a very long time and is safe for all customers.

You want to purchase from a company that works closely with their customers before and after ordering an air track!


You can put your logo on your air track, the customization fees are free too.

All air tracks are shipped to your door for FREE by express!



wholesaleairtrack airmat gymnastics gymmat bossprincess101 gymnasticsonwater

Facts you should know!

-Air Tracks make practicing comfortably. These mats shield a person’s body from damage as well as it offers comfort and security.
-There is reduced danger and damage.
-Loans more prominent tasteful esteem: Not just do these gymnastic mats ensure one’s body and the hardware, yet they likewise influence the activity zone to look all the more engaging.
-Securing the floor and recreational gear.  As gymnastics focuses have an expansive scope of hardware, mats offer a superb security of these machines and give assurance to the floor.
-Many different mats are typically found in recreational centers far and wide, and each of them has specific focal points and downsides that make them positive for specific situations. The most well-known sorts are elastic mats, weight-lifting mats, and interlocking mats.

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