Why Great Posture Can Help You Seem More Of A Boss, And How To Improve It

Good posture is important to try and gain. We know when we see it. We know when we don’t. Almost everyone, especially those who are often sedentary, will easily fall into a slouched and relatively closed posture, which can impact many things. It impacts your breathing, your presence, and your sense of confidence. Research indicates that for a quick boost in confidence, taking five minutes to ‘power posture,’ making yourself as large as possible (even in a private space,) can override the neurocircuitry telling you to hide and remain as non-threatening as possible. If you stretch out, your body is telling your subconscious brain that there’s nothing to fear, that you are powerful and able to take all the room you need.

Of course, you won’t starfish in the office in order to get your point across, but a posture that holds you up a little taller and a little more confidently can go a long way in getting you closer to your goals and helping others respect you a little more based on your own self-respect.

Great posture can help you seem more of a boss. For how, why and what to do, consider our simple advice:



Believe it or not, the way in which you sleep can have a large impact on how your posture is from day to day, especially in the morning. Does this mean you need to keep your back completely straight in order to sleep well? Should you wake yourself up every twenty minutes to ensure you’re keeping on top of your reliable posture exercises?

Of course not. But you can decide to choose better sleeping elements. If you usually sleep with more than one pillow as a headrest, it might be worth choosing a higher quality option a little lower to the mattress. This can help you rest your body more naturally. It might take a little tie to get used to, but over time this can really help the natural flexion of your body.

We’d also recommend finding the perfect mattress for you. For some this is hard, for some it’s soft. Ideally, you should find a memory foam mattress if you can afford one. This can help you sleep comfortably and reliably ensure your bed conforms to your natural sleeping position, gently supporting you rather than you supporting the mattress. Of course, depending on your body shape, size and weight, alternate options may prove more suitable to you. Be sure to shop around, and try to figure out the best option for you, as this can really improve your personal comfort in the long run.


Stretches & Yoga

In the morning, you should have already worked out a competent and worthwhile stretching routine to help you greet the day. Even two or three stretches can help you iron out the kinks of laying down all night and give you the potential of starting your day feeling alert and active. Of course, stretching takes time and effort to regularly do and to do so in a manner that is trainable, aimed at some potential future result.

We’d also recommend joining Yoga if you can. Your first few sessions will obviously feel absolutely strange, but over time you will begin to conform to the new movements you are asking your body to do. This is a great manner of building muscle, of helping yourself relax and meditate, and to feel more at one with yourself than ever. Part of the ability to hold a good posture is to feel alert, active and observant. Slouching often speaks of lethargy, ignorance and the willingness to miss certain phenomena. With stretches and yoga, you begin to train your mind in synchronicity with your body, allowing you to hold yourself up both in spirit, in your mind, and in your physical body to help you become the most alert and adaptable person possible, in other words, the best of yourself.

This is how you become a boss if you haven’t noticed.



Exercising matters when it comes to posture. For example, those who decide to incorporate barbell squats and deadlifts into their workout regime (which is nowhere near as scary as you might be thinking,) can help your core strength development, and for your posture to feel much more upright and able for sustenance.

People often think that great posture involves simply remembering to put your shoulders back and your chest up. Painfully, it might seem you have to hold that all day in order to keep and train posture. This is not true. Good posture is a habit, yes, but it’s also the physical capacity to maintain this form as your default, without having to apply effort or think about it. Exercise works, because it changes how the architectural setup of your body handles itself from day to day. Before long, good posture will become something worthwhile you do out of healthy maintenance of your system, not something you do to strain after reading benefits from health blogs on the internet.



Believe it or not, ill-fitting clothing can often have a negative impact on how comfortable you are when trying to improve your posture, and how well you can. Clothing that is too tight often has the tendency to pull us in certain directions or to promote a form of slouching. Heavy clothing can sometimes add more weight to you, which sounds comical to hear, but it can be harder keeping good posture when wearing a thick coat in winter compared to anything else.

Of course, it’s also important to consider your shoe and foot support, as this will often influence your posture quite deeply. Also, consider that over time, backpacks can also prevent your posture from being as straight as it can be if the height settings are adjusted incorrectly, or are too heavy for comfortable use. This is why military rucksacks often have many variable straps to help conform to the solider’s posture. Consider how clothing might be affecting your posture, as this could be the final circumstance you might need to tailor for the best results. With these tips, you are sure to feel and look excellent, helping both your health and confidence levels in the long term.


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