Working From Home: What do You Need to Get Started?

More people than ever now work from home and are reaping the rewards of everything it can bring. No long or expensive commute, no annoying colleagues and tons of flexibility. But there are a few things you’ll need to have in place before you get started, here are some ideas.


A home office space

When you work from home, it can be tempting to sit in bed, at the dining table or on the sofa on the laptop typing away. However, it’s really beneficial to have your own office space. First things first, it helps to keep work and life separate, when the boundaries become blurred it can leave you feeling like you’re never really away from your working tasks.

A proper desk and chair are also better for your posture when you’re spending a large part of your day sitting at a computer you need your neck and spine properly supported. Turn a spare bedroom, a garden room or a conservatory into your own office space. Set your working hours, and once you’re done for the day, close the door behind you. It helps to keep life and work separate, which can be tricky otherwise when your home is your work.


A good quality computer or laptop

Speaking of computers and laptops, if you’re going to be working from home then you absolutely need a powerful device. Almost all of your work will be done on here, so it needs to be quick and efficient. If you’re thinking of making the move to working from home, this is a worthy investment to make.

Be sure to protect it with the right antivirus software and firewalls, and consider backing up your files to the cloud. That way, if something does end up going wrong with your device you’re not at risk of losing important documents.


Good broadband

You might have the best laptop or computer in the world, but if your broadband speed is slow then you’re still going to have issues with productivity where you keep having to stop and start. Run a speedcheck, if you’re not getting the best speeds then have a chat with your internet provider. You might be able to upgrade your package, or in some cases, it could be worth moving to another company. In day to day life, slightly patchy internet might not bother you that much. But when you’re working from home it’s crucial, and so


Tons of self-motivation

Working from home is a lot different from working in a traditional workplace environment. With no boss overseeing everything you do, and the freedom to work your own hours, you need the motivation to ensure things actually get done. Having freedom and flexibility is great, but of course, you do still need to get work finished. If you’re lacking in self-motivation then working from home probably won’t be for you.


What advice would you give to those looking to start working from home?


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