You Are What You Draw!


The items you will need:


-a little or big piece of paper


Get ready for your true personality to be revealed.


Without thinking about it, draw a tree on your piece of paper with the writing utensil you chose!!



Here is the tree I personally drew!



Now let’s decode…


Branches: These indicate your tries to the outside world. Chatterboxes draw thick limbs. Few to no branches may mean you tend to keep stuff private.


Leaves: Fluffy foliage demonstrates a warm and caring nature, as opposed to detailed leafiness, which suggests you’re organized. Bare branches show you are not afraid to be yourself.

Trunk: The stem of the tree reflects your own foundation. A sizeable base hints at the strength of the home or in yourself. Introverts are likely to draw a small trunk.

Size: If your tree takes up most of the space on the paper, you have a lot of self-confidence. A scaled-back to drawing indicates some insecurities.

Roots: These anchors uncover your connection with the past. No roots suggest impracticality or that you are going through some uncertainty or anxiety.

Extra Details: If you added flowers, fruit, or animals you are home-focused. If you factored in the space around the tree (like the sky or ground), you are outgoing and yearn for a larger life.

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