You Don’t Have To Be Green-Fingered To Makeover Your Garden

It may seem like you are either born a gardener or you aren’t. If you weren’t, and you don’t seem to have been born with the gift of Greenfingers, then you might think that you may as well give up on your property’s outdoor areas. It’s probably best not to risk making a mess of them, right? Well, that’s not always the case – it is actually possible to create a gorgeous garden, even if you have never tried to plant any seeds before or design a garden path!

It’s all about creating a manageable space that you will find easy to maintain. The simpler, the better, when it comes to gardens. In fact, the more manageable it is, the more you will actually want to get outside and work on it. If a garden is too complicated to keep on top of, it can be quite disheartening and smartening it up could seem like an impossible feat.

Do you have a sizeable outdoor space in your property that you would like to turn into a gorgeous haven to spend the long summer nights? It’s not too tricky to do that, even if your fingers aren’t exactly green You just need to use all the following garden makeover tricks.


Add A Pond

One of the best things you can do to any garden is to add a pond. It can be relatively cheap to do and can really improve the overall feel and aesthetics of the garden. Not only that, though, but you will find that a pond encourages more wildlife. Kids will love watching all the frogs and newts, while the extra birds in your garden can help with the pollination of plants. Don’t worry if you have no experience of adding ponds, it can be quite easy to do. In fact, there are lots of great YouTube videos that take you through the process step by step. The materials can be bought quite cheaply as well from most garden and homeware stores. If you don’t fancy the idea of getting your hands dirty with all this work, then you could always hire a landscape gardener to take care of it for you.


Add Plants To All The Borders

Every garden will have a border around it. More often than not, the border will be a fence, wall, or hedge. In some rare cases, trees might even create a natural border in between your garden and your neighbor’s. However, no matter what kind of border you have around your garden, it’s a good idea to add some plants to it. This gives you another way to add some color to your outdoor space. Not only that, though, but it helps to reinforce the borders without making them look too formal. Just remember that there should only be a single row of flowers so that you can easily get to them for watering and pruning. If you plant a few rows of flowers, then it could be difficult trying to get to the ones right at the back!


Add Some Trees And Hedges For Height

You don’t want to only rely on plants in your garden, as it could make the overall space appear quite flat and lacking energy. It’s a good idea to add some tall trees and hedges so that there’s a bit of height added to the whole area. The trees, bushes, and hedges will guide everyone’s line of sight upwards, which can help make the garden feel a lot more spacious and roomier than what it actually is as well.


Don’t Forget Garden Furniture

If you want to try to use your garden more than what you currently do, one great tip is to add some garden furniture. This will give you the chance to sit out every evening and, if you add an outdoor dining table and chairs, you could even enjoy some al fresco meals outside. In order to use your garden to its full potential, you need to add some features that will give you various reasons to want to be out in it. And furniture is just the ticket. Of course, you might need to add a patio if your garden is just one big lawn at the minute, as you will need a firmly firm surface to sit the furniture on. This can be easy to do yourself. Once you’re all done, you might want to buy a barbecue so that you can take full advantage of every future summer day!


Go For Gravel Paths

Garden paths may look simple enough to create and maintain, but some of them can actually be hard work to keep on top of. For instance, weeds tend to grow in tiled or crazy-paving paths. If you want a path in your garden, but don’t want to keep on top of any maintenance, then it’s a good idea to opt for a gravel one. Not only are these very easy to make yourself, but once they are in situ, you can pretty much leave them. You might need to replace any gravel in some gets washed away in heavy rain, but that’s the only real maintenance that you might need to carry out.


Focus On The Lawn

Some people prefer to completely replace their garden’s lawn with a large patio or paving. However, a lawn can be a great central focus of the whole space as a whole, and also provides a soft play area for kids. The main tip for a good lawn is that you need to know all about caring for your lawn so that you can keep on top of its upkeep and help it stay as healthy as possible. So, first of all, you will need to mow it on a regular basis. Generally speaking, once a week through the summer should be enough, and you might not have to cut it through the winter at all as the growth of the grass will slow right down. It’s also necessary to aerate a lawn to ensure enough air gets down to the roots. If you aren’t too sure how to do this, it could be best to hire a lawn specialist to take care of it for you.


Fill Flower Beds With One Type Of Plant

If you have any flowerbeds in your garden, one good strategy is to just fill them with one type of flower or plant. If you try to add too many varieties and colors, it could end up looking quite busy and untidy. You will find that planting in blocks such as this can help give your garden a great modern feel as it is very much the trend right now in garden design.


Add A Mini Vegetable Garden

If you want to get even more use out of your garden, you should consider adding a vegetable patch. This doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, you might just want to add a small herb garden. This then gives you the chance to create a sustainable garden and cut down on your food bills. Don’t think you have space? I’m sure you could squeeze one in somewhere. It’s a good idea to think about gardening vertical when it comes to veggies so that you can save some space.


Don’t Use Your Shed? Turn It Into A Summer House

If your house has a shed that you don’t really use, you might like the sound of turning it into a summer house. To do this, you just need to give it a good cleanout and then get rid of all the clutter. Some people like to take the door off, or even a wall, so that they can sit in the summer house while still enjoying the fresh air. Be sure to paint it in bright colors and add some gorgeous decorative features so that it’s a really happy place to be.


Add Some Bird Feeders

If you love the thought of wildlife living in your garden, then you should consider adding some birdfeeders. These will encourage plenty of birds to come and make your garden their home. Plus, they can help with the pollination of plants and might bring a fantastic variety of seeds that eventually blossom into gorgeous plants and trees. That’s not the only reason why you will need help from birds, though – they will also eat some common garden pests, too!


Give Your Fence A Lick Of Paint

Painting is a great way to instantly brighten something up. Take your garden fence, for instance. Wooden fences are often forgotten about, and this lack of maintenance can lead to old paint peeling and looking past its best. You might be surprised at how improved it will look once you give it a lick of paint and smarten it up! In fact, it’s worth thinking about painting all of the wood that may appear in your home’s exteriors.

Hopefully, this blog post has inspired you to do some gardening at the weekend! Which job will you tackle first?


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